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our history

Founded in 2013, by Rúben Faria, this company was created to share the passion for adventure. We want help everyone to discover the natural beauty of this country. A good way to get to know his culture, riding an off-road motorbike. 

We guarantee, with our tours, a genuine experience. The mixture of the beauty of the landscapes, hospitality, gastronomy, culture and entertainment, make these tours an unprecedented adventure. 

Who is Ruben Faria?

Ruben Faria, born and raised in Algarve – Portugal, belongs to a very restricted group of riders that, not only participate in the most well-known and long off-road world events but also managed to conquer podiums in some of them, like when he finished second overall in 2013 at the Rally Dakar the hardest race off-road in the world.. Rally of Morocco, Pax Rally and Rally of Sertões also other prestigous races we come to finnish in good places. His curriculum further includes challenges with great media attention all around the world, like UAE Desert Challenge, at QATAR Rally, and Rally Dakar.


Over his career, the Algarve hills has always been the preferred stage for his trainings and so he knows it like his own hand and, by extension, all the courses that he now wants to share with all off road lovers who decide to experience one or more of the adventures proposed by Ruben Faria Adventure Tours.All tours are designed and supervised by Ruben Faria, who desires with this project, not only to share his knowledge in the field, but also his region and everything that it has to offer with all of you.

About Ruben Faria Adventure Tours

We are an excellent way to discover the Algarve in full spirit of adventure! Sign up or contact us for one of our tours and discover the best landscapes and the best cuisine in the Algarve region at the controls of a ultimate all-terrain motorcycle. We offer tours of varying duration, with different routes and state-of-the-art equipment. Actively, we encourage you , to come with us on riding a off-road motorbike tours, and discovery the beautiful of this country!