── Introducing this amazing place


The Algarve is the most western place in Continental Europe, and a true passport to adventure where the brilliant sunlight combines with the magnificence of nature, the picturesque villages and culture, the hospitality of the people, the delicious gastronomy and the quality services and accommodation.


Ruben Faria Adventure Tours invites all off-road motorcycle enthusiasts to the action and emotion of discovering the best secrets of the Algarve: from the natural landscapes, through the culture and people, to the gastronomy.

The Natural Landscapes

From the wonderful landscapes on the banks of the Guadiana River, in Alcoutim, to the immense sea view that can be reached from Foia, the highest point in the south of Portugal, there is an Algarve to discover.

The trails through the abundant vegetation lead to picturesque places where the local culture and architecture, with the famous Algarvian chimneys, is preserved. Windmills, water wheels, streams, natural springs and animals living in their habitat are many of the surprises you can have when discovering the Algarve at the helm of a TT motorcycle.

The landscape is still marked by cliffs and dunes, mountains and wild plateaus with the sea always in the background.


The immensely blue sky, the sun shining practically every day of the year and giving the days an abundant luminosity, are benefits that you find in the Algarve climate, where the temperature is generally mild and invites outdoor activity.

The Mountain ranges

The Algarvian mountain ranges are incredibly beautiful and aweinspiring.

They offer breathtaking landscapes and invigorating hikes. Riding offroad motorcycles can offer a great adventure. You‘ll have the opportunity to explore remote trails and enjoy incredible views. 

There are also natural wonders to explore like crater lakes and lagoons, and the flora and fauna of the area is renowned for its beauty and diversity.


As well as the landscape, the gastronomy also has influences from the sea to the mountains! People say the “food” is simple but experts call it inspiring and sophisticated.

The influence of the sea invites you to eat the best seafood and always fresh fish, but among the most famous dishes are cataplana, xarém, razor clam rice and fish pasta.

The mountains offer other flavors such as wild boar, grain stew, lamb stew and delicious fig and carob sweets.

Liqueur drinks and fruit spirits such as figs and medronho are also famous.

The Services and Accommodation

In the Algarve, the traditional merges with the modern and tradition is combined with cosmopolitan and quality services. The hotel infrastructures are of various sizes, from rural accommodation in Traditional Farms to large Resorts and Luxury Hotels.

The friendly and hospitable people, always ready to share a good story, invite you to stay a few more days and get to know better what the Algarve has to offer.

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